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Eat All the Valentine's Candy, Guilt-Free

Hellooooo week of LOVE!

Whatever your relationship status is this Friday, I want to empower you to eat with love for your body...and that means knowing how much candy you want, choosing options that work for your sensitivities and needs, saying F THE FOOD RULES and eating regular refined sugar, and taking care of yourself in whatever ways you need.

One of the greatest acts of self-love is eating with love and intuition. This means no guilt after eating chocolate, no shame after eating pizza, and no fear that your ice cream will make you gain weight.

If this is a foreign concept to you, then WELCOME to a revolutionary way of thinking and living that will change your life.

(P.S. I have a Facebook group entirely dedicated to this topic! I also have a group coaching program that you can add yourself to the waitlist to right here!)

The amazing thing about life is that you have the freedom to choose what you eat, when you eat it, and how much of it you eat.

Now, I know a lot of times we can feel “out of control” around treats and sweets, especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day. But really, you have all the control! And I want you to see that this week, and always.

When showing yourself love this Valentine’s Day, I want you to take the time (legit 2 seconds) to ask yourself - what the heck am I even in the mood for? What will bring the most joy to my body right now?

If eating a handful of Hershey’s kisses with your friends will bring you happiness, then that is a nourishing choice for you (no matter how many calories it is). If saying no to a chocolate chip cookie and yes to a paleo donut will bring you and your tummy joy, then that is the nourishing choice for you. If choosing a mix of treats and foods feels exciting and expanding to you, then it’s a freaking nourishing choice for you!

Your food choices on Friday will not make you gain weight. I promise.

What may affect your life though is the stress, guilt, restrictions, and limits that you put on yourself. The chronic stress and anxiety will stay with you, and in 2020, there’s no more room for that. Right?! K good.

The reason why this practice of actually eating with love and intuition is so important is that our bodies carry us through the day. They are our permanent homes. They shelter us and ground us to this Earth. When you are disrespecting your body, silencing its calls, and simply not listening, it does not feel loved.

SO! Instead of looking for outside sources of love this Valentine’s Day, take some time to look inside first. Use the following journal prompts to take a mini dive into how you’re showing up for yourself. Feel free to share your answers with the Eating with Love & Intuition Facebook group, or DM me to chat. I’d love to hear your reflections!

1. When you get quiet, what is your body asking for MORE of?

2. Where are you allowing fear to run the show when it comes to how you treat your body?

3. How can you respect your cravings and hunger cues more?



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