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Food Freedom is 100% Possible for Everyone. In Fact, It's Your Destiny.

Hi beautiful! I'm Sloane, and I'm your food freedom coach. 

Nice to e-meet you!

Everyone wants to be healthy these days - but limiting carbs, tracking calories in your head, and practicing the best angles to get a thigh gap in your bedroom mirror are not the ideal picture of health that you're probably dreaming of.

Cue the overwhelm, guilt, and frustration. Am I right?

So somewhere between puberty and now, you picked up a lot of info - and no, I'm not about to make you relive the struggles that included trying out for the varsity team or choosing a dress for prom.


What I'm talking about is the information fed to you (no pun intended) about what it means to be healthy, beautiful, and lovable.

You saw your mom go on diet after diet.

You saw your body start to change and grow when other girls looked the same as they always had.

You saw magazines boasting tricks for losing 10 lbs in 10 days.

You stepped on the scale for the first time and became addicted to the number you saw.

You saw "What I Eat in a Day" YouTubers eating fiber crackers and raw veggie sticks all day.

You saw airbrushed and photoshopped celebrities in magazines and on movie screens.

And it's totally not your fault, but these observations influenced your relationship with food and your body.

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Now, this is where I slide in (rose quartz crystal in one hand, green smoothie in the other) and show you the way to Eating with Love & Intuition.

I help women stop dieting and restricting so they can eliminate the guilt & fear around food and achieve total, permanent food freedom. Unlike other food freedom coaches, I will never tell you what or how much to eat. Instead, I use a combination of science & manifestation to empower you to tap into your own intuition. My role as your coach is to help you feel like the radiant, confident, magical woman that you were born to be.

Client testimonial.
Client testimonial.
Client testimonial.

Aside from coaching, I am also the co-host of Get the Glowdown podcast, a yoga teacher, blogger, and author of Kale & Kravings: Nourishing Dorm Room Recipes & Wellness Practices for Students. I also lead workshops and events on intuitive eating and holistic wellness across the country.

This is just the beginning of your magical transformation...

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Over the past 3 years, I have been helping countless young women feel better in their bodies. I specialize in helping you activate your intuition on a soul-level in order to help you release the guilt and shame you feel around food and your body.  I work to educate my clients from a place of science-backed nutrition, spiritually led intuition, and powerful mindset techniques in order to help them make small sustainable changes that will ultimately solidify into second-nature habits.

The way I see food & my body NOW - with love, ease, and confidence - is not how I saw it 5 years ago...

I've always loved baking & science, so when I started becoming self conscious about my body and questioning if I should try to lose weight as a 17 year old, I tried to be scientific about it. I read about different diets and supplements and nutrition rules and trends. I started cutting out foods, limiting my intake of refined sugars, and switching from double chocolate cheesecakes to sugar free energy balls...but I was too restrictive. Too obsessed. Too concerned with how I looked.

It wasn't until I developed my intuition and combined my spiritual practices with my nutritional science knowledge that the answer came to me - eat with love + intuition.

That is the concept that I teach and live by. It isn't a diet. It isn't a set of rules and principles. It's a way of living, eating, and enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

eating with love & intuition

Ultimately, your relationship with food & your body is the surface level struggle. In order to truly heal, we need to dive below the surface to uncover the deeper triggers and pain points. I'm here to help you do just that!

I'm a huge fan of the intuitive eating movement, and I'm so proud of all of the progress we've made in the nutrition to field to ditch diet culture and support health at every size!



What most health professionals are NOT talking to you about is - how to tap into your INTUITION!

You see, most intuitive eating coaches and nutrition professionals will tell you that eating intuitively is about eating what you're craving - this is totally true and necessary! But the part that they're missing is teaching you how to listen to your higher self, Universal guidance, and your body's quieter cues.

Our intuition leads us in life, but we currently live in a society ruled by productivity, scarcity, and fear instead of love, abundance, and trust in a higher power (or your higher self).

When you finally allow your intuition to lead the way and you surrender to a higher power, a lot of miraculous things happen...

  • You will be able to eat with peace and calm.

  • You will live with less rigidity and control in ALL areas of your life.

  • The loving voice in your head will be stronger than the fearful one.

  • You will be able to follow your cravings and understand where they're coming from - emotions, stress, sleep patterns, hormones etc.

  • Abundance will flow in all areas of your life.


This is why eating with love & intuition is about SO much more than just eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full.

SO, you're probably wondering: what does eating with love & intuition actually MEAN and look like? Let's break it down.

Eating with love means eating what your body, mind, and soul love. This means choosing nourishing foods that feel good to your physical container - nutrients to boost your immune system, foods to keep you energized, ingredients that protect against inflammation and free radicals. This also means choosing foods that nourish your mind and your preferences - foods that taste GOOD, meals that you love with all of your heart, ingredients that align with your beliefs and priorities. Lastly, we will always be eating foods that our soul loves - meals that make us feel joyful, flavors that remind us of precious memories, foods that we crave for comfort and love.

Eating with intuition means letting your body lead the way instead of a meal plan, guide, or set of rules. This means that you won't be using a set of restrictions or recipes mapped out for the week. Instead, you'll be curious about the unique needs of your body in any given moment. You'll eat based on what you're craving, how you feel, your emotional state, your hormones, how much sleep you got, etc. You'll be eating WHEN you want, how MUCH you want, and WHAT you want...simply because you WANT IT! #freedom!

Client testimonial.
Client testimonial.
Client testimonial.

Client Love Letters

Heading 4

I don't say this lightly when I say that my life has been changed...

Thank you so much for everything and for inspiring me everyday - I can still always hear your voice in the back of my hea reminding me to talk to myself and base my decisions on LOVE!

It was definitely life changing for me...

You gave me so many constructive tips and recommendations to incorporate in my daily life. I am truly amazed how only 4 sessions really made me change my relationship with food already. I cannot thank you enough for the impact you had on how you made me become friends with food and myself again!

I look at food with love now...

I never though I would be able to do this. I fully let fo of my binge/restrict tendencies and look at food and exercise as something that brings me joy and love rather than a rigid and strict concept. I am so grateful to be where  I am now - thank you so much, Sloane!

Favorite Scent:

Astrological Signs:

Best Recipe:

Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon,
Libra Rising


Sweet potato fries

Rose quartz

Favorite Crystal:

Dance party

Favorite Food:

Favorite Activity:

French fries...or a smoothie

fun facts!

As you can see, humans are multi-dimensional and always changing. We're not machines or robots that require the same number of calories, amounts of food, schedule of meals, and hours of sleep each night.

My passion and goal is to empower YOU to tap into your unique body so that you can live the life of your dreams, one of FREEDOM, LOVE & CONFIDENCE!


When you're eating with love & intuition, you simply can't "mess up". You can't fall off track because there is no track. How freaking liberating?! SO let's get to work and help you achieve the food freedom and body love that you deserve...shall we?

Double chocolate banana bread.

book a call

Ready to take the first step in finding lasting freedom so you can live the life of your dreams with overflowing confidence and self love? Let's chat!

Schedule your 45-Minute Food Freedom Consultation Call so we can strategize and create a clear path forward to food freedom, confidence & happiness!

My promise to you is this: I will never give you a meal plan. I will never tell you what to eat, how much, or when. Instead, I'll guide you in the deep healing you need to figure out the what, how, and when on your own so that you can finally live a life of freedom, pride, confidence, and all the self love that you deserve.


Sending you so much love!




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