When is the last time you ate pizza & ice cream without thinking twice about how many calories you would have to burn the next day to make up for it?

If it feels like ages ago, then we need to chat!

1:1 Private Coaching

12 Weeks of High Level Support

A deeply healing and personalized transformation to help you step into the highest version of yourself with confidence, pride, overflowing self love, and complete food freedom.

Food Freedom Collective

Everything You Need to Succeed

Dive into food freedom at your own pace! Learn the A-Z process for releasing restrictions and fears, healing your relationship with food, and finding lasting food freedom.

Body Love Blueprint

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Confidence & Body Love

Finally release body image struggles and self judgment as you learn how to accept, trust, and truly love your body from the inside out. It's time to love yourself again.


In order to stop feeling the need to get back on track or strengthen your "will power", you'll need a reliable system (I got that!) plus a guiding hand (I got two!) to get you on your way to permanent and sustainable food freedom.

I know it may seem impossible to get out of the restrict-binge-guilt cycle right now, and it feels like you've already tried EVERYTHING, but as your coach, I'm here to get you to that place where you can eat with complete love and freedom and feel totally confident in your body. 

Grab your favorite ice cream (NOT the low fat, low cal, "frozen dessert" stuff we all know tastes awful) and let me show you what your life can look like.


>> You eat pancakes & bacon with your friends without thinking twice, no matter the day of the week, and still feel confident in your own skin.

>> You listen to your hunger cues and eat until your full - no need for will power or "portion control"!

>> You have time to think about other things besides what you just ate and what you'll eat next.

>> You're never tempted to try a new fad diet or watch another "What I Eat In A Day" YouTube video..

>> You feel zero fear, guilt, or anxiety towards food - only love and appreciation!

>> You sleep in on the weekends instead of forcing yourself to sweat in 6am hot yoga yet again.


>> You are the confident, glowing girl you were born to be!


Let me paint a picture of you once you've ditched the diets, rules & restrictions

for good...

Sounds like a dream come true (with a side of sweet potato fries) to me!


Think of me as your

Food Freedom Big Sister

who's already figured it all out so you don't have to!


So, what does working together look like? I'm both your Food Freedom Coach & Deep Inner Healing Guide...

I'm here to help you see the vision for your holistic health, map out a strategy for lasting food freedom, and provide action item steps to make sure you get there. 


Ready to uncover old wounds, rewire your subconscious, heal your relationship with food, activate your intuition, and honor your body?

I got you girl!


Does this sound like you?


>> You spend your days watching "What I Eat In A Day" videos on YouTube instead of watching movies and eating chips with your friends.

>> You have a PhD in How to Be Healthy & Fit from "Trying Trendy Diets" University.

>> You think about food & calories 24/7 - trust me girl, you have WAY more important things to think about.

>> You watch your friends and family eat ice cream and french fries and wish you could just eat "normally" like them.

>> You look in the mirror and immediately criticize all of the imperfections you see. Where are my abs & thigh gap?!

>> You eat super duper squeaky clean M-F only to cheat and feel out of control on the weekends.


>> You can only have treats if you've earned them from an extra sweaty gym sesh or a super hard day at work.

The reality is that what got you to THIS point will not get you to the next level of freedom, self love & confidence.

It's time to lighten the burden on your shoulders, loosen up the reigns on the control, and take my hand on this journey.

I will never tell you how to live your life - only you know how to do that - so my job is to empower you to do the deep healing (I'll provide the box of tissues!) so you can step into  your highest self and live the life of your dreams.


Let's Work Together!


1:1 Private Coaching

12 Weeks of High Level Support

A deeply healing and personalized transformation to help you step into the highest version of yourself with confidence, pride, overflowing self love, and complete food freedom. APPLY NOW!


Group Coaching

6 Weeks of Community &

Deep Healing

Are you ready to escape the diet mentality once and for all and accept the beautiful relationship with food that was meant for you? Free & Full is Group Coaching Program will allow you to feel completely free and always full of love. LEARN MORE!

Self Paced Program

The Key to Your Food Freedom Dreams

Learn to eat with love & intuition at your own pace for a fraction of the cost! Dive into these jam-packed, step-by-step programs and start your journey towards food freedom today! JOIN NOW!

Are You Feeling the Love Too?

Most other nutrition coaches will give you a meal plan and a step by step process to try to help you stop restricting and start “eating intuitively”. The problem is that those people aren’t going to teach you what your INTUITION even is - the medical community has stolen the word and taken away its magic. What I do is I empower women to use their intuition and tap into their body’s unique cues and cravings so that you can find 100% food freedom, confidence, and self love.

This is The Sloane Way: 

☆ We'll uncover the self limiting beliefs and the sources of fear that have been holding you back from true food freedom.

☆ We'll dig deep into your self worth and self love.

☆ We'll examine where you hold onto control in ALL areas of your life.

☆ I'll teach you how to forgive and release the restrictions that have been limiting your growth and freedom.

First, we heal...

☆ I'll teach you my unique system and methodology for eating with love & intuition.

☆ We'll find the best foods and eating habits for YOU - no cookie cutter meal plans here!

☆ I'll help you adopt new beliefs and habits to foster a beautiful relationship with food and your body.

☆ You'll learn to apply this level of freedom and love in all areas of your life.

Then, we rebuild...

Client Love Letters

I don't say this lightly when I say that my life has been changed...

Thank you so much for everything and for inspiring me everyday - I can still always hear your voice in the back of my head reminding me to talk to myself and base my decisions on LOVE!

It was definitely life changing for me...

You gave me so many constructive tips and recommendations to incorporate in my daily life. I am truly amazed how only 4 sessions really made me change my relationship with food already. I cannot thank you enough for the impact you had on how you made me become friends with food and myself again!

I look at food with love now...

I never though I would be able to do this. I fully let fo of my binge/restrict tendencies and look at food and exercise as something that brings me joy and love rather than a rigid and strict concept. I am so grateful to be where  I am now - thank you so much, Sloane!

The biggest and most fruitful leap I have ever made for my health and well being.

I have met with nutritionists, eating disorder therapists, and other wellness coaches before but none of them ever made the impact that Sloane did. She is one of the most in tuned and thoughtful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have struggled with my relationship with food for over 10 years but now I can eat out of a pint of ice cream and not feel guilty!