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How to Instantly Find Clarity Around Any Decision

I don't know what I want to eat...

I don't know what I want to do with my career...

I don't know what my body is asking for...

I don't know why I keep emotionally eating...

I don't know what I want in my relationship...

When I hear these sentiments from my clients (and sometimes from my own inner dialogue!), I see one thing in common:

lack of clarity.

Lack of clarity can feel like cobwebs in your brain - a filmy layer of BLAH that just won't go away.

It can also feel like confusion and FRUSTRATION because you know that you should know the answer...GRRR!

That's how I felt this morning - I felt kind of heavy. Blah. Blocked. Meh. In the muck.

So I activated the 2 things that always help me find clarity:

  1. Let myself be in the muck, judgment-free.

  2. Put myself in an environment where I always feel clear.

For step 1, I simply journaled about how I was feeling. I didn't try to FIND clarity. I didn't try to force myself out of the ick. I just stated and claimed how I was feeling with compassionate awareness.

(Oftentimes, non-judgmentally expressing how we're feeling actually does the work of beginning to shift and raise our vibrations into more light, clear, happy feelings.)

For step 2, I went to the place where I always feel at home: the ocean.

I kid you not, as soon as I sat by the calm water and let the beauty, expansiveness, and limitless glistening water come into my vision, those cobwebs began to dissolve.

*Almost* like magic ;)

From that state of peace, clarity, expansion, and joy, I was able to clearly see what I felt called to focus on over the coming weeks and months, which then put me in an energy of excitement, momentum, and celebration.

And by the way, these 2 steps work with finding clarity around your body's needs and desires too!

Now, I'm not saying that going to the ocean is the only way to get clarity or peace with your mind and body.

What I AM saying is that you have to find the environment that provides clarity and peace for YOU!

It might be in your backyard,

or next to a tree,

or in your bath,

or wrapped in the arms of your loved one.

All that matters is that that environment feels like a loving sigh of relief - it's a space that shows you that you did have clarity all along, you just needed some assistance in sweeping away those cobwebs.

So give it some thought, and then DM me on Instagram to tell me where YOUR clarity place/environment is - I can't wait to hear!

P.S. Mindfulness is a critical practice when it comes to feeling clear about what your body is wanting - whether you're making a decision about what to eat or how to exercise. My Mindful Eating 101 course was designed to help you do just that - peacefully, confidently, and mindfully make food choices that feel aligned for your body from shopping to cooking to digesting. Enroll here or email me with any questions about the course!

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