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How You Know If A Desire Is In the Process of Being Manifested

Yesterday, one of my clients asked me a great question:

"How do we know that what we want is manifesting? Like if it's something that's going to take more than a week or month to happen."

Ready for my answer?

The short version is: you just decide.

Here's the thing -

Your success is INEVITABLE.

Your desires are ALREADY yours! They were dropped into your heart and soul and brain for a reason. They are yours to bring to fruition and experience.

This is something I believe so deeply: if you want something, and the want and desire are coming from your authentic soul, then it is meant to be yours...

or something even better.

And that's the catch. What you want (or think you want) might not actually be the best thing for you.

It might be that there's another option that's even better, even more abundant, even more fun that you don't even know exists yet! Therefore, it's not on your radar yet because you don't even know what it is!

So that brings me to the second part of my answer:

You decide and trust that everything is becoming perfectly aligned behind the scenes while you wait.

Either everything is lining up perfectly so that eventually your desires will quickly snap into reality, OR a different but BETTER reality is lining up behind the scenes for you.

Either way, get excited! Because it IS coming. It's inevitable. Duh.

Oh and by the way, time is pretty much made who's to say that the desire you want that you think you have to wait 3 months for won't show up TOMORROW?

Just sayin... ;)

I am so excited to teach you even MORE about manifesting your dream desires because consciously co-creation has brought me SO much abundance in the past 5 years.

From 3 dream apartments to an "unexpected" move back to Miami to 200+ soulmate clients in my world to money and free food and trips and everything in between, I've become a bit of a manifestation queen. 😉👑

The 6-step process I've used time and time again works for everyone - and it will work for you too!

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