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5 Tips to Manifest Food Freedom

When people think about manifesting, they usually first think about manifesting money and love. So, when I tell people that I can help them manifest food freedom, they usually tell me that they’ve never thought of that as a possibility. Well, my friend, it is SO totally possible! And here’s why…

Money is simply energy.

Love is simply energy.

Food is simply energy.

Your thoughts are simply energy.

Your body is simply energy.

If you can manifest money, you can absolutely manifest a loving relationship with food - it’s actually like comparing apples to apples! Manifestation is simply about consciously using the law of attraction to create what you desire, and this law works for all types of energy. This is great news for us! Since everything in the Universe is really just energy, that means that we can apply manifestation to ANYTHING! Groovy, yeah? ;)

Below I’ve outlined 5 tips to manifest food freedom so that you can use the power of the law of attraction to live a life free of food fears, guilt, shame, and anxiety. Let’s dive in!

  1. Get super clear on what you actually want to manifest. What does freedom mean to you? What does freedom look like to you in your unique life? What does a “day in the life” with food freedom look like for you? Start to visualize this reality that you’re striving for.

  2. Own up to why you want what you want. What will food freedom give to you? What’s the point of food freedom for you? Focus on these feelings and be grateful for the fact that they are ALREADY on their way to you now. The ease, confidence & love are already on their way to you. Trust that you are worthy of these desires and they are meant for you!

  3. Conjure those feelings now while you’re on your way this next level reality. Want confidence? What can you do NOW that makes you feel confident...what are you good at? Want love? What can you do NOW to feel loved...who can you call or video chat with? Feel the feelings NOW while the food freedom is on its way to you. It’s ok if the confidence or love that you conjure now isn’t exactly related to food and your body. It’s still the same vibration of the emotion that you’re going for.

  4. Become super aware. In order to know how you need to shift your habits and thoughts, you must be aware of what your internal dialogue is actually saying. What you say is what you believe is what you see. So, start noticing your conscious & subconscious thoughts. Don’t judge them or try to analyze them -  just notice them. This is how you can start waking up to your thoughts.

  5. Tip #5 will be revealed at my free workshop that I’d love to invite you to! Click here to register for your free ticket. 

So many people try to unlock their food freedom by only relying on nutritional science. Many people also try to unlock their food freedom by just focusing on mindset and spirituality. Ultimately though, it’s the combination of both science and manifestation that will empower you to change and heal your relationship with food permanently.

So, I hope you use these tips, and let me know how it goes - I’d love to hear from you on Instagram @sloaneelizabeth. I’m looking forward to seeing you at my free workshop!!



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