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5 Ways to Work On Food Freedom While Quarantining

It’s kind of a crazy world out there right now...that’s definitely apparent. What’s also apparent to me as a holistic wellness coach is that so many people who were struggling with restricting, dieting, bingeing, guilt eating, and body image before the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world are feeling the weight of their pain even more during this time. If this is you, please know that you’re not alone. Being home, unable to go out and about, makes it easier for the mean-girl voice in your head to stay strong, and it may make it harder for the loving intuitive voice to stand up for itself. Everything feels out of control...especially your relationship with food.

You can’t hang out with friends, making it easier to hide your dieting from them. Gyms are closed, meaning the fear of gaining weight skyrockets. Things feel scary...especially those foods that make you feel scared of gaining weight or the idea that you’re being too lazy and will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic with an extra 19 pounds on you. This fear is normal. This escalation of stress and anxiety makes sense...but it is NOT the only viable option.

In fact, I see this pandemic (and I acknowledge that I am extremely privileged and not speaking for the entire globe) as an opportunity. This is an opportunity to confront your relationship with food, guilt, shame, and fears head-on. There’s nowhere left to hide. You’re running out of distractions. You’re spending more and more time with your thoughts...a place you usually don’t like to hang out in. But girl - this is the perfect time to address those thoughts head-on. I believe that now is the PERFECT time to work on food freedom because life is kinda weird and hard right if you can eat with love and intuition NOW, then imagine how easy it will be to leave the rules, restrictions, and diets behind once life returns back to normal! Imagine being able to eat chips and pizza with your family without calculating and obsessing over the calories and macros in your head. Imagine enjoying nightly dessert without feeling like you messed up your entire day of “clean” eating. Imagine spending your free time drawing or reading or watching a movie without obsessing over what the next meal is and how much you’re “allowed” to eat. These imaginations are not fairytales or “too good to be true”. They are the destiny that you are meant to experience! And I’m here to help guide you there. If you’re seriously ready to FINALLY let go of the rules in your head about how to be healthy and start actually eating intuitively (aka 100% food freedom, forever), then I have 5 tips for you to act on ASAP!

  1. Join my Facebook Group: Eating with Love & Intuition. When you surround yourself with likeminded ladies who have similar goals and priorities as you, magical things will happen. This is a free, exclusive community that I created FOR YOU to ask questions, get special trainings & content, and find food freedom.

  2. Recognize that this time is temporary. You will not be stuck inside forever. Sure, we may not know the exact date that things will return to normal, but recognizing that this is a short period of time in your long and abundant life will help to ease the anxiety a bit. Acknowledge that not being able to go to the gym for a bit won’t make you gain 10 lbs. Acknowledge that if you DO happen to gain some weight, your body will naturally adjust and settle back at its ideal weight. It’s all temporary and fluid.

  3. Download my FREE Guide on 5 Steps to Food Freedom. This is the perfect place to start if you are just beginning your journey towards letting go of the restrictions so you can feel confident, proud, and overflowing with self-love.

  4. If you’re eating from stress or boredom, address the root causes of the problem. Make it a priority to de-stress - this might mean meditating, journaling, walking, singing, dancing, or calling a friend. If you’re bored, start a project! You could do some arts and crafts, find a puzzle, organize a group Zoom call with friends, brainstorm a new business idea, start a blog...the world is your oyster! If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to do but never have the time for it, now is THE time!

  5. Forgive yourself when you feel like you messed up or failed. The #1 thing that gets in the way of our own self-development and healing is...judgment of ourselves. It’s the shame, the guilt, and disappointment that hurts the most. The faster you can learn to forgive yourself, the easier it will be to detach from the perfection and control that you’re gripping onto. I know it may be the hardest step, but it’s the most transformative.

Start by taking these 5 steps now! No one can make you give up the diet mentality and step into the glorious world of food freedom. It’s up to you. I’m here to guide and help you as much as I can, but it’s up to you to commit to yourself, show up, and do the work.

Tag me on Instagram @kaleandkravings when you complete any of these 5 steps! I’m always a DM or email away, and I hope you stay safe & well, now and always. #kaleandkravings #foodfreeom #intuitiveeating



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