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Food Freedom Fuels Your Dream Life

My loves!! I am writing to you from a truly dreamy state...

I'm in a gorgeous cafe and they're playing BOMB vibey music...

I just went for a 30-minute ocean swim with one of my best friends (who I talk to daily but have only seen in person twice)...

I'm drinking a green juice with kale, celery, lime, cucumber, and apple...

I taught yoga this morning for my Food Freedom Collective clients...

And I launched my new PODCAST just a few hours ago!!

If I could describe my perfect morning to you, it would probably be something similar to this :) and I'm honestly just overflowing with gratitude right now.

I'm grateful for this life. I'm grateful for the ocean. I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for my team. And I'm SO DAMN GRATEFUL for my food freedom!

Because without my food freedom, I wouldn't have had this morning.

(And this is why food freedom is an essential step in LIFE freedom - which is ultimately the main goal in my opinion.)

If I didn't have food freedom, I would've started my morning with anxiety about the fact that I ate ice cream last night, and I wouldn't have been able to launch my podcast in a loving high-vibe state.

If I didn't have food freedom, I would've been stressed out while teaching yoga thinking about when to fit another workout into the day because a yoga flow wouldn't be "enough" exercise for one day.

If I didn't have food freedom, I wouldn't have been 100% present with my friend in the ocean because I would've been thinking about how my body looks in a bikini today.

And if I didn't have food freedom, I definitely wouldn't have gotten this divine green juice because I would've been scared of the apple juice and probably would've gotten plain celery juice instead (nothing wrong with celery juice but this was the one I WANTED)!

So you see my love, food freedom isn't just about food. It's not about the ice cream. It's not about the yoga. It's not about the bikini. It's not about the juice.

It's about LIVING YOUR LIFE, and food WILL be a large part of your daily life!

Therefore, if your relationship with food is struggling, then your life is struggling.

Yes, some people are very good at compartmentalizing the dieting/counting/restricting,

but it's unavoidable to see that it will undoubtedly impact other areas of your life.

The amazing thing though is that healing is AVAILABLE for you.

Healing is MEANT for you.

Freedom is your BIRTHRIGHT.

And I am so freaking grateful for my healing and freedom.

If you're ready to see what food freedom could do for you, apply for a Food Freedom Consultation call to see how we can work together!

I can't wait to chat with you AND share my new podcast with you!



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