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Pickled Onions

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

do yourself a favor and reserve 2 min today to prep the BEST & prettiest salad/bowl/egg/sandwich topping ever...💕💓💗 PICKLED RED ONIONS


☆1 red onion ☆2 cups water ☆1 cup apple cider vinegar ☆1 tbsp peppercorns ☆1/2 tsp pink salt ☆1 tsp pincHes garlic


☆slice onion super thin and place in a strainer.

☆boil water. pour boiling water over onions.

☆place blanched onions in a bowl. add ACV and seasonings with a handful of ice and mix. ☆wait for the onions to cool to room temp.

☆place onions, spices, and as much liquid as possible in a mason jar. store in the fridge! (the taste will develop more after 12-24 hours but they CAN be eaten immediately


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