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076: How to Heal Feeling Out Of Control or Obsessively Controlled By Food

Step into a new episode with Sloane as she opens up about her battle with the scales, her relationship with control, and the obsession that can come from being hyper-fixated on food. She invites us to dive deep into our relationships with control - beyond the food - to understand why we feel out of control or obsessively controlled by food. 

Tune in as we unravel how our battles with control and emotions manifest through our eating habits. Together, let's journey towards Eating with Love and Intuition™ and finding peaceful balance and contentment with food. 


Healing this wound around control required a lot of inner child healing.  - Sloane 


In this episode, Sloane talks about: 

  • How the desire for control can deeply influence our eating habits 

  • The control wounds that often precede disordered eating habits and finding the path to true healing 

  • Her journey towards understanding her struggle with food stemmed from feelings of losing control 

  • When to give up control and trust the universe 

  • The critical role of nurturing connections—inward with oneself and outward with our community—as a key ingredient in healing our relationship with food 

  • Elevating your journey to food freedom with the Under Control Masterclass 

  • …and more! 




Connect with Sloane Elizabeth: 

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