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074: Being Smart and Logical Is Making Your Food Struggles WORSE! (How to solve the illogical struggles of bingeing and restricting)

This episode dives into the surprising ways that our reliance on logic and intellect might actually impede our progress toward achieving food freedom. It sheds light on Sloane's realization at 17 that a strictly data-driven approach to managing eating habits failed to address her underlying emotional needs and wounds, marking the beginning of her journey towards restrictive eating patterns. 

She explores the necessity of transitioning from a logic-based mindset to one that values emotional healing and intuition as key components of food freedom. Sloane further examines the crucial role of feminine energy in nurturing a healthier relationship with food. This episode invites us to reframe our approach to eating from control and restriction to emotional-awareness, intuition, and self-discovery. Join us as we navigate the nuanced path from battling food restrictions to embracing intuitive eating and the profound self-awareness it brings.

In order to heal your relationship with food, you need to start approaching the illogical with senses, with emotional healing, with energetic healing.  - Sloane

In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The logic fallacy and why data-driven strategies fall short in the quest for food freedom

  • Her turning point at 17 that transformed her approach to eating and set her on the path to healing

  • Why true liberation from eating restrictions involves much more than just numbers and scientific meal plans

  • The pivotal role of emotions and intuition in overcoming food struggles

  • How tapping into feminine energy can revolutionize your relationship with food

  • Shifting from restrictive practices to a new approach to eating 

  • …and more!


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