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063: Your Relationship with Food Is Your Responsibility

In this empowering episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show, we dive deep into the intricate dynamics of our relationship with food and the journey of healing. Sloane passionately conveys that while we each have personal responsibility over our food relationships, seeking support and guidance is not just beneficial, it's crucial. 

Sloane confronts the tendency to assign blame for our food struggles, advocating for a stance of self-forgiveness and understanding. She illuminates the empowerment that comes from owning our choices and the positive ripple effects of adopting a 'hero mentality' in our daily lives. 

Tune in to Sloane as she guides you through releasing the sources of struggle and stepping into a place of forgiveness and heroism within your food journey. 


Even though your relationship with food is your responsibility, that does not mean you should heal alone or that you shouldn't get support.  - Sloane Elizabeth 


In this episode, Sloane talks about: 

  • Why you shouldn’t take full charge of your food healing journey  

  • Get a glimpse of Sloane's personal strategies for intentional living particularly for December and an exciting project underway 

  • Learn the secret to transforming blame into a powerful self-forgiveness tool 

  • Find out how the simple act of choice can revolutionize your path to healing and food freedom  

  • How to achieve win-win results when trying to heal your relationship with food 

  • …and more! 


Connect with Sloane Elizabeth: 

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