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061: How to Have a "Secure Attachment" Style with Food (Without Overly Obsessing or Worrying About Food)

Are you in pursuit of a harmonious and stress-free relationship with food, particularly during the holiday season? This episode is a guiding light, aimed at liberating you from the cycles of obsession and anxiety that often cloud our eating habits.

Join Sloane as she imparts essential strategies for fostering a stable connection with food. Central to this discussion is the art of tuning in to your body's innate cues, skillfully differentiating between physical hunger and emotional cravings.

Embark on a journey to reconnect with your inner child, delving into the intricate ties between our emotions and our food attachments. Discover avenues for healing and insight, as you learn to cultivate a more secure and nurturing relationship with food.

This episode is an invitation to redefine your food journey, equipping you with practical methodologies to develop a "secure attachment" with your meals. Hit play, and begin your holiday festivities liberated from the chains of food obsessions.

When we're talking about holiday food, the whole point is to nourish your soul and spirit. The entire point is being with loved ones and really taking care of your heart and soul.  - Sloane Elizabeth

In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The cultural linkage between celebration and the need to eat

  • A healthy way to love holiday foods

  • Signs of excessive attachment to food

  • Understanding the implications of extreme attachment to food

  • Practical steps to gradually detach from food attachment

  • The importance of creating brief moments of pause in eating

  • The connotations associated with serving “cheap” food

  • How resolving past issues can aid in mending food attachments

  • …and more!

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