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028: From 75 Hard and Binge Eating to Eating with Freedom as a Brand New Person (Rosa's Success Story)

In this episode, join Rosa's incredible journey of transformation, as she breaks free from unhealthy habits and discovers a newfound sense of freedom through the power of mindful and intuitive eating.

Living my life with intuition means doing the things that I want to do, and knowing that by doing them, I can positively affect others. - Rosa


In this episode, Rosa talks about:

  • How her mindset shift from being a people pleaser to prioritizing herself positively impacted her life at a high level

  • Learn how she dealt with her fears and discover her advice for overcoming fear and achieving personal growth

  • Uncover the reality of food addiction and how it compares with addiction to alcohol or other substances

  • Learn effective strategies for coping with feelings of guilt when you break your streak

  • Find out what inspired her to take the crucial first steps on her path to healing

  • Discover effective strategies for maintaining or building momentum toward your goals and objectives

  • Learn about how manifestation played a role in helping her achieve her goals

  • Discover how cultivating positive, abundant thoughts that support a healthy body image can also help drive success in your career


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