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026: When You Should NOT Follow Your Hunger and Fullness Cues

In this episode, Sloane discusses four situations in which relying solely on your hunger and fullness cues may not be the best approach and offers guidance on how to maintain a mindful and intuitive connection with your body's signals for nourishment.

It's not about ignoring your fullness cue. It's about knowing the nuances of your hunger and fullness scale.  - Sloane


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • Why you should never skip breakfast…especially if you don’t wake up hungry

  • How to bring back your hunger cues

  • What causes a slow metabolism

  • Why you should be prioritizing lunch no matter what

  • What it means to eat in a way that makes sense to your calendar

  • The scenario when eating until you're 100% full doesn't make sense

  • When eating dessert becomes a guilt-free pleasure

  • How to identify the difference between appetite and hunger


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