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018: The One New Year's Ritual You Need to Do

In this first-ever 2023 episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, Sloane talks about her yearly ritual to celebrate the year that was, which is an essential prerequisite to set new intentions and goals for the new year.

If you're always just going for the next thing, just looking towards the future and never celebrating what you achieved, you'll have a hard time feeling content and genuinely successful. - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The process you need to accomplish before you decide to list new goals for the new year

  • The 3 key essential parts you need to see in your letter

  • Why you need to celebrate the past year even if it didn’t turn out to be a great year for you

  • List of things you need to celebrate

  • What you need to leave behind in the past year

  • How to choose your theme for this year

  • The key to consistently doing a successful ritual throughout the years

  • How to channel your energy toward your goals

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