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012: Quantum Leaping, Eclipse Season Reflections, and Mindful Eating

In this episode, Sloane shares her excitement about the upcoming Black Friday because of a major shift waiting to happen not only in her life but mostly in the lives of those who are ready to embark on the self-love and healing journey.

It can feel scary to make a change. But if you don't take risks and just stay comfortable and safe forever, you're not going to expand into new phases.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane shares:

  • What she’s cooked up for Black Friday that’s inspired by the theme of making a shift and moving out of the comfort zone

  • Why change is important even when things are doing well and you feel comfortable with the status quo

  • Why working harder on the same thing is not always going to yield better results

  • How to tell when it’s best to stay or to open a new door

  • Different ways to expand beyond your current status

  • The main reason why food freedom matters to Sloane

  • The story of a fly that wants to pass through a glass door 

  • The magic of quantum leaping

  • What comes with the ultimate bundle kit

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