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009: 5 Tips to Have a Guilt-Free Holiday Season Without Binge Eating

When we were kids, holidays used to be the most looked-forward-to season in our lives. It meant joy and celebration, reunions, gift-giving, and unlimited access to food. Now, a lot of people seem to dread it more than they look forward to it. They can’t take all the blame, though. Society has suddenly set endless restrictions and expectations that can hardly be met. Holidays became a stern reminder of how much weight you need to lose, how ill-fitting your go-to little red dress would look on those bulges, and why you’re not supposed to get a second serving of that mouth-watering chicken pie. Before you start freaking out, Sloane is here to give her fool-proof techniques on how to have a blast this holiday season without binge eating and feeling guilty, and most importantly, STRESS-FREE.

When there's a restriction and you're pulling back, there's lack, and your body and mind are going to overcompensate with abundance.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane shares:

  • Why today is the best day to STOP dieting

  • The pre-requisites of setting boundaries

  • Why you need to take the lead in honoring your boundaries

  • Why the holiday requires you to step into your food “Whys”

  • The real reason for the season

  • The workshop that can change your relationship with food…for good


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