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006: Seeing Food With Excitement and Trust After 10 Years of Disordered Eating (Covi’s Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane Elizabeth is joined by Covi, one of her clients in the Food Freedom Collective, to share how she found her way to Eating with Love and Intuition. She shares how she managed to overcome her body image fears and the defining moment that made her commit to finally be better to herself, for herself. Tune in to find out how her success story can be your story, too, and how you can muster the courage to throw away your fears and inhibitions and venture into a community that can help you in your food freedom healing journey.

When you take care of yourself and you release these expectations that are placed on you, you have so much more room for joy and love for your physical, mental, and spiritual body. - Sloane Elizabeth

In this episode, Covi shares:

  • The turning point moment that made her decide to start Eating with Love and Intuition

  • What it means to be “ready” to heal

  • How the voice of fear loses its power

  • Her two most compelling wins since she started Eating with Love and Intuition

  • How she made a shift in her mental outlook on food

  • The role of spirituality in helping her stick to her goals

  • Her advice to those who are starting to explore food freedom and healing options

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