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Meet Sloane

Eat with Love & Intuition

No Rules. No Diets. No Restrictions.

by Sloane Elizabeth


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Ready to Heal Your Relationship with Food?

(And get to the ROOT of your food struggles...)

You're in the right place...

Hi love! I'm 


I help women eat with love & intuition so they can stop dieting, obsessing & feeling guilty around food; it's time for food to feel EASY again! Unlike other food freedom coaches, I never tell you what or how to eat - instead, I use a combination of nutritional science & powerful subconscious healing to empower you to follow your unique body’s signals and cravings so that you never feel the need to restrict again - food freedom, here you come!

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Dieting, restricting & bingeing are not the answer to health & wellness.

Let me help you feel happy, comfortable & free around food...because you deserve to experience overflowing confidence and self love daily!

1:1 VIP Coaching

A deeply healing and personalized transformation to help you step into the highest version of yourself with confidence, pride, overflowing self love, and complete food freedom.

Food Freedom Collective

Heal your relationship with food and find your freedom alongside a group of other supportive intuitive eaters! Life-changing support every step of the way.

Body Love Blueprint

Finally release body image struggles and self judgment as you learn how to accept, trust, and truly love your body from the inside out. It's time to love yourself again.
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1:1 Coaching

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Ready to take the first step in healing your relationship with food & your body for good? Let's chat!

Apply + schedule your 15-Minute Complimentary Food Freedom Clarity Call. I can't wait to connect and guide you!

Ready to ditch the diets & food fears once and for all?

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