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What I Learned From Buying $30 Fruit

Hello my loves! Ok I am so excited to start *blogging* again!

I actually started blogging when I first created my website back in 2019. But then as Instagram and TikTok and Pinterest and Clubhouse (anyone remember that phase?) started ramping up, I kind of felt like blogging was "out", and so I stopped sharing my message here.

But ever since I moved back to Miami Beach last month, I've been feeling a super EXPANSIVE calling to just shout my message more loudly, more boldly, and more widely! I love writing and letting my heart and soul and intuition flowww out onto the page, so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Speaking of expanding my channels - MY PODCAST IS LAUNCHING ON SEPTEMBER 21!!! Ahhh!

I am so excited to share this divine project and container with you - 3 episodes will be dropping immediately on launch day, and there will be 3 prizes up for grabs for those of you who subscribe and share a review :)

Anywho, I wanted to share a story today about what happened when I spent $30 on a few containers of fruit this weekend...haha yes, I know, weird start to a story.

This weekend, I was thinking about how I haven't yet done some of my favorite *Miami things* since I moved back here 6 weeks ago. One of those things is buying tropical fruit from the farmer's market in my neighborhood.

So on Sunday, I decided to walk to the beach while talking to one of my bffs, Maya, on the phone

As I was making my way back home, I stopped by the farmer's market to admire all the fruit. The way they slice the fruit and prepare them in containers is just....MAGICAL!

I don't know what it is about sliced fruit that makes me just so freaking excited! (I'm literally laughing at myself while typing this, but it's simply true.)

It feels like art. It feels like magic. It feels like nature's most luscious candy just waiting to be devoured.

Also, I just love the convenience factor - the fruit is already ripe and it's already cut. Easy peasy deliciousness.

So I asked for a container of mango, a container of papaya, and a basket of strawberries. YUM!

The woman rings me up, and it's $30.

For the amount of fruit I got, I definitely could've gotten all of that for $10-$12 at Trader Joe's if we're being real.

But I had already committed to the fruit, and I was so excited for this shopping experience, so I decided to activate my abundance mindset and lovingly hand over my credit card. As she processed the payment, I let my soul send out this affirmation to the Universe: Engaging in this abundant transaction will lead to 5x this investment coming back to me this week.

Boom. Done. Thank you.

I told Maya (I was still on the phone with her) that I just bought $30 fruit, and I probably won't be doing that weekly, but I feel so at peace with that slightly outrageous investment because it was the entire VIBE of the experience that brought me abundance and pleasure.

And I must say that as I prepared my breakfast this morning and ate that gorgeous, juicy, perfectly ripe, dripping fruit this morning, I felt like an abundant AF high vibing divine QUEEN!!!!

Was it because I spent $30 on the fruit? Maybe. Was it because I was appreciating the divine nature of this fruit and allowing it to nourish my body cell by cell? Probably. Was it perhaps the entire combination of all of the above? Definitely!!

Ultimately, money is just energy. Food is just energy.

Our thoughts are energy.

Our bodies are energy.

These words are energy.

And abundance breeds more abundance.

When you open yourself up to it, life is giving us limitless opportunities to tap into, enjoy, and relish in abundance and magic and nourishment.

You just have to be willing to see it ;)

I hope this story inspires you to:

  1. Look for the abundance and magic everywhere.

  2. Think about your food and grocery investments in a new way.

  3. Eat some juicy ass fruit this week!!

And don't forget: my podcast is launching on September 21!!! Eeep!



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