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Why You Should Never Treat Yourself

That’s right - STOP treating yourself! I said it!

Now before you close out the browser and start thinking that I’m a mean crazy lady, hear me out.

Life isn’t about special moments of treats. Life IS a treat as a whole!

The idea of “treating yourself” implies that you must do something right or well in order to earn that treat. Something must come before the treat in order to make you worthy of having it.

If that’s true, then I want to know who made up the rule that you have to do something right in order to deserve a bowl of your favorite chocolate fudge brownie ice cream!!

When practicing self love and stepping into total and complete food freedom, you are choosing to embrace the fact that you innately deserve to be happy and free just because you’re you. You are more than enough now. You are doing your absolute best now. You deserve everything and more now. You don’t have to prove yourself worthy of a treat or a reward.

Many people associate “treats” with prizes for accomplishing something difficult - a hard workout, a full week of work, turning in an assignment etc. There is something to be said about being motivated by something that you want. But food should never be that prize.

Instead of waiting until the end of the day/week/project to finally *indulge* in that treat {more on why I dislike the word indulge here}, what if you felt empowered to feel joy and enjoy all foods while in the process of being your amazing self today/this week/during this project?

When you respect that life is a treat in and of itself, there’s no reason to wait to have your favorite chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. There’s no reason to save the cake for the weekend. There’s no reason to reserve Oreos for special occasions.

The special occasion is happening NOW, and the title of the main event is Your Life. Welcome! Now, go on and allow yourself to enjoy all that this life has to offer you...treats and sweets included!



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