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You're Probably Missing This Essential Step in Healing Your Relationship with Food

I have a lot of amazing childhood memories tied to food.

One recurring instance in particular will always hold a special place in my heart: I used to have a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt almost every single night after dinner. It truly was one of my favorite foods and made me so happy! The chocolate was rich, the brownies had the perfect amount of fudge, and it always satisfied my ever-present sweet tooth.

My love for Ben & Jerry’s went so deep that I decided to write them letters as an elementary school ice cream lover. I would hand write them notes professing my adoration for their creations and offering them suggestions for new flavors.

Just like clockwork, a couple of weeks after each letter, I would receive a response! Now, for an 8 year old girl, this was the MOST exciting piece of snail mail that I would ever receive. The reply would include a letter thanking me for my love along with a poster or stickers of sorts.

My mom still has these responses saved in a photo album.

I tell you this emotional story to illustrate an extremely important – yet frequently misunderstood – piece of the intuitive eating puzzle: your relationship with food is spiritual.

Therefore, if you’re on a journey to heal your relationship with food, then spiritual healing better be a part of that path.

Now before you click out of this page because you’re not “spiritual” or this is sounding too “woo woo”, I ask you to please stick around.

As someone who does identify themselves as *spiritual*, I’ve had to explore what spirituality even means to me.

While I feel connected to my spirituality when I’m meditating, cleansing my crystals, setting intentions, journaling on the full moon, and practicing yoga, that is not what spirituality is at its core. On one particularly magical day in October of 2020, my friend Maya reminded me of what is true of spirituality at its core: spirituality is anything that feels fun, aligned, and filled with love.

With that simple definition, we can now understand that when food is a part of your spirituality, and your spirituality is woven into your relationship with food, eating becomes fun, aligned, and filled with love.

That’s why I incorporate spiritual healing, energy work, manifestation, and subconscious rewiring into all of my programs.

This is also why most people have “intuitive” eating all wrong – it’s not JUST about eating what you’re craving and stopping when you’re full. More on that in next week’s blog post ;)

So, what does it look like when your relationship with food is spiritual?

Well, let’s revisit my Ben & Jerry’s experience. Eating that ice cream, being a fan of that company, and engaging with their staff brought happiness and joy to my heart. At a soul level, it filled me up with high vibes and the energy of love. My relationship with that nightly scoop of ice cream was (and still is) spiritual when I eat it with love and intuition.

When food is spiritual, the entire eating experience – shopping, preparing, cooking, eating, digesting – becomes joyful, easy, and holistically aligned. Love takes priority over fear, and so you’re able to honor your physical, mental, and emotional health without doubt, restrictions, or any silly diet rules.

Having a spiritual relationship with food means that food brings the energy of fun and love into your life – something that I think most people strive for.

When we approach food through a spiritual lens, we get to go deep into why your relationship with food might not be totally aligned right now. Hint: restricting, bingeing, tracking, dieting, overthinking, and obsessing aren’t actually about the food. I ask my clients to dig into their soul’s fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs. We examine safety, control, and trust. We rewire the brain for positivity, abundance, and expecting success.

Food has the magical ability to make our bodies, minds, and souls happy and fulfilled on different levels. When you eat with the intention of giving love to yourself holistically, and you allow your intuition to guide you, food becomes a supportive tool in helping to embody your best, highest self.

We are all souls having a human experience – being spiritual means aligning with your soul in a way that feels aligned for you.

If you’re ready to be on your way to food freedom, then it’s time for you to learn how to eat with love and intuition. Visit my website to learn how I can support you in your life changing journey towards food freedom.



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