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How to Let Go of Control Without Losing Control

The problem isn’t food.

The problem is your need for control.

When you learn how to release and surrender control, your relationship with food will actually feel more under control. Counter intuitive for sure, but this is what WORKS.

I’ve seen this a million times - women want to look or feel a certain way, and so they feel empowered to make a change! You go girl! They start going to the gym, diving into the world of nutrition, and they really take life into their own hands.

But then there’s a tipping point; this newfound control feels really good. It feels safe and stable to control your food when other things in life - work, relationships, schedules, politics, viruses - feel totally out of control. So it makes sense that you start to grip onto your food control even more strongly. Your brain is simply trying to find safety and stability in a world that feels like the ground might come out from underneath you at any moment - who could blame it?!

And so when someone like me tells you to release control, your brain panics...“Let go of control? Release all that I’ve worked so hard to obtain? Allow chance to take the wheel? Are you CRAZY?! No way missy!”.

The fear is loud and clear. So you stay stuck in the safety of control, knowing that freedom, peace, and happiness are right on the other side of this fear, just waiting for you to take the leap.

Logically, you probably know that obsessively controlling what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat is not the most healthy habit. Emotionally though, the fear of spiraling out of control, losing progress, and gaining weight is stronger than the belief that freedom is indeed possible.

But I promise you that it is 100% possible to release your fears, restrictions, and control without spiraling out of control!

The first step to doing this might surprise you, but it’s exactly where all of my clients start:

Step 1: take the first step.

Huh? I know, I know, stick with me though!

Right now, you might not understand how releasing control will lead to everything feeling more under control because you’ve never done it! You’re trapped in a fear cycle that never ends. So, the only way to start letting go and reaping the incredible benefits - hello food freedom, listening to your body, skyrocketed self confidence, honoring your hunger, freedom to take your power back and live your life fully - is to practice with baby steps!

If you want your life to change, you simply must do something different.

In order to let go of control and prove to yourself that you actually won’t lose control, you must take one small step towards surrender, and then pay attention to how good you feel once you realize that the world hasn’t crumbled around you.

Start with one thing - choosing to eat more fruit in your breakfast than you’re used to, scooping your peanut butter without measuring, going out to eat without making modifications, taking a full week off from the gym, letting someone else pick the restaurant, sleeping in without an alarm clock - and then go from there.

The perfect recipe for sustainable, life changing results is: a little bit of fear + a whole lot of excitement + small and consistent baby steps + the right guidance and mentorship to propel your growth.

If you have the first two ingredients and you’re ready for the last two, then I’ve got a treat for you! I’m hosting a free live workshop where I’ll be teaching you exactly how to find food freedom and let go of restrictions without losing control. Register for your complimentary ticket here!

I can’t wait to see you there! In the meantime, feel free to connect on Instagram and let me know what you thought of this blog post - food freedom is just around the corner for you, my friend!



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