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Positive Affirmations are BS

How many times have you decided to change your life for the better and heard some experts or influencers recommend writing and repeating positive affirmations?

Want to be wealthy? Repeat “I am rich!”

Want to be in love? Repeat “I have love!”

Want to be healthy? Repeat “I am healthy!”

Want to boost your self confidence? Repeat “I love my body!”

Sounds good, right? WRONG!

Those bland, generic affirmations won’t work if you’re serious about changing your life.

Here’s why...

Now I know you’re tired of beating yourself up over your lack of “willpower” and self control, and you’re overwhelmed with not knowing how the heck to finally feel confident/healthy/loved again. You’re ready to know exactly what you need to do to get results and feel incredible in your body, mind, and soul.

I also know that there are a lot of scary things holding you back, which is why the idea of slapping on some positive affirmations and hoping that your life will change in dramatic ways sounds super appealing.

It’s pretty easy, it doesn’t require too much emotional digging, and you can do it quickly. (I think each of those mantras would take you ~3.5 seconds to say - it doesn’t get much quicker than that!).

But that’s the entire problem - positive affirmations are usually just quick fix, band-aid approaches to deeper problems or areas for growth.

They just scratch the surface of what you want without really digging deep into why you don’t have that reality yet. The exploration of your self limiting beliefs (aka the main component of healing!) is totally missing.

Another reason why simple, generic affirmations like “I am beautiful!” don’t work is because they’re not super emotional or convincing.

If you genuinely don’t believe that your reflection is beautiful, then telling yourself it is once a day isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, you must first recognize the fears and self doubt that have trained you to believe that you’re not beautiful.

And yes, this takes some emotional digging and diving.

I get it though - taking the leap into the emotional waters scares you. The stigma around self development feels weird. Admitting that there are some dark thoughts below the surface feels scary. Doubting that you’ll ever find success feels like a risk. Releasing and uncovering old wounds feels less than fun.

But you know what’s worse than taking a risk for yourself? Staying stuck in the self limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

So no - you can’t just slap some positive affirmations on your mirror and expect to feel happy, free, and confident.

Things don’t work this way.

But, you absolutely are capable of creating a life for yourself that you’re obsessed with!

Our minds are hard wired, and in order to change our habits and beliefs, we need to do deep healing work that will last. And I promise you, it is always 100% worth it!

I offer tons of free resources and tools to help my clients do this deep inner work. I do love using intentional and personalized mantras as a *cherry on top* of my coaching practices, but those affirmations are never the main tool in the tool box.

Next week though, I’ll be sharing a gift with you all - 75% off a new program to help you truly reprogram your beliefs and thoughts around your body so that you can feel confident, relieved, and free in your body, without changing your appearance. Stay tuned for more info dropping next week!



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