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Perfect Veggie Scramble Plate

A delicious and colorful breakfast plate!


☆sautée your veggies first! veggies take longer to cook than eggs so you’ll want to cook and season them first - I used spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers & tomatoes ☆use good quality eggs! @vitalfarms are my go-to and you can truly tell a difference in taste and color ☆cook eggs in ghee! ghee is clarified butter (aka no lactose) and it tastes freaking AMAZING - I use @fourthandheart

☆salt & pepper are really the only spices you need! sometimes I’ll also add @justspices_usa savory eggs blend if I’m feeling fancy

☆prep potatoes in advance! nobody has 40 min in the morning to roast potatoes (or maybe you do, and GOOD 👏🏼 FOR👏🏼 YOU👏🏼)...potatoes are so versatile and usually a part of my meal prep! heat them up in a PAN (microwave = soggy 🙈) for a few min

☆avo always. duh.


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