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New Season, New Moon, New Year...New YOU!

Ahh there is so much new energy in the air! We just had the September equinox which brought in a new season, it's a new moon in Libra, and the Jewish new year is being celebrated today.

Can you say "breath of fresh air"?!

Honestly, the fall *new year* is my preferred new year over January.

It's the harvest season, there's so much abundance in the air, lots of holidays to celebrate and gather, and it's not miserably cold yet ;) (Except now that I'm out of NYC and back in Miami, that last part shouldn't be a problem anymore.)

So how are you going to take advantage of all this NEW energy?

The cool thing about rituals is that there's not one perfect way to do them - what matters most is that you do what feels good, intentional, and aligned for YOU!

Also, the intention matters more than the action.

For example, you might try to write a gratitude list for all the things you got to experience, shift, and receive in the past year/month/season. But if writing it out doesn't make you actually FEEL grateful and joyful, then that's not a great ritual for you.

But maybe having a celebratory dance party and letting the music lift you up and remind you how AMAZING you are and how much magic there is to be grateful for gets you into that state.

Ultimately, it's about FEELING the gratitude and not about writing the list, saying the affirmations, or doing the dance party.

The tools are just tools. The main event is the feelings!

Another critical point in the season of *newness* is the fact that you get to CLAIM who you are choosing to be and embody in this next season of life.

I mean, you always get to claim that - literally every second of the day - but these external holidays and events are great reminders to be super intentional about who you are choosing to be.

And yes, it is a choice.

You can choose to stay exactly where you are and keep repeating thought patterns, behaviors, and cycles that honestly aren't serving you.

(And if you are staying there, it is a choice. That fact can be a hard pill to swallow - hello victim mindset - but it's simply the truth.)

Or you can CHOOSE new thought patterns. You can choose to embody new behaviors. You can choose a new path forward.

And this choice doesn't come from motivation.

It doesn't come from willpower.

And it doesn't come from discipline.

It comes from loving yourself so damn much that OF COURSE you're going to do/think/feel the way you deserve to.

Of course you're going to get out of your own way and bet on yourself.

Of course you're going to think the way your highest, most loving self would think.

Of course you're going to believe that everything you desire is on its way to you and then act from that state of faith and belief.

Of course. Of course. Of course.


Because you DESERVE it. And because, duh, you know you're worth it!

So whether it's a journal entry, a bath, a meditation, a dance party, a visualization, or something else, commit to practicing at least ONE ritual that helps you facilitate this divine choosing of who you are stepping into this new season, new moon, and new year as.

You owe it to yourself, your past self, and your future self!

And if you're choosing food freedom and healing your relationship with food in this new energy, it's your lucky day - I opened up a few more spots in my calendar for Food Freedom Consultation calls.

Apply + book your consultation here to chat 1:1 about a customized healing game plan for you and how exactly to get there by the end of the year!




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