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Language: the key to unlocking your wildest dreams

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Your words and thoughts create the reality that you live in.

I so strongly believe in this idea, but I know that it can be a hard one to wrap your brain around if you haven’t experienced it first hand.

I have experienced the magical, positive effects of this concept, as well as the destructive, harmful side...let me give you a couple of examples so that you believe me that this thing we call language - both the words you speak and those you think - is so crucial to every aspect of your life.

The negative...

Throwing up is my actual worst fear. I don’t really know why, but I will do pretty much anything to avoid throwing up. I can count at least 5 times when I have made myself feel physically ill because of the terror that overcomes me when thinking about potentially throwing up.

Every time that my brother gets the stomach flu or gets sick in Mexico (which is, unfortunately, pretty often), I start to feel sick IMMEDIATELY. The night before I left for Thailand and Bali (aka where you’re almost guaranteed to get Bali Belly) I couldn’t sleep because I thought I was already sick. What happens is this - I hear about someone else throwing up, then I wonder if I’m going to, then I start telling myself that I probably WILL, and then I obsess and stress and worry about it. Essentially, the language in my head is a constant stream of, “You are probably going to throw up. They are contagious and probably gave you the flu. OMG are you sick or is this just your brain playing tricks on you??”

NEWS FLASH: it’s always the last option. I (unfortunately) convince myself of a physical reality based on the fearful language coursing through my head.

The positive...

Thankfully there are a lot of examples that I could describe to you about how my language has positively shaped my life - I’ve used my spoken words and internal dialogue to manifest confidence, my future in Bali and Hawaii, hundreds of dollars, beautiful relationships, and more. One of my favorite situations happened like this…

December 31, 2018, I was taking a pre-NYE bath with the works - crystals, candles, salts, essential oils, audio book, etc. I was thinking about my bigggg goals and remembered that one of my life long dreams was to be on TV; specifically, I want to have my own cooking show. When my friend Sarah came over a couple of hours later to eat dinner before the big night of festivities, I told her about my revelation and desire and how I just KNEW that it would come true. A few days later, an opportunity popped up out of nowhere, and days after that, I was cast on Food Network’s Chopped U...I ended up winning my episode and had the best day of my life. Now, obviously I don’t have a TV show quite yet :) , but I know that it’s coming, and that was a sign from the Universe that it was listening and supporting me.

THIS is why language is so so powerful and important and amazing.

How many times have you said, jokingly or seriously:

“OMG sorry I’m late, I’m the WORST”

“LOL I’m a piece of trash”

“I’m a dumbass it’s whatever”

“I’m going to be single and alone and a cat lady forever”

“The world is out to get me”

Girls and boys...THESE ARE LIES.

I do not care if you’re “joking” when you speak or think these words. The Universe cannot differentiate between a joke and a serious statement - words are energy and that is what the Universe responds to.

How can you expect to have good things to come your way and to feel like a freaking rockstar when the energy you are putting into your mind and out into the world is on the same frequency as “trash, dumb, alone, and FEAR”??

The answer is can’t!

What you say and think literally becomes the reality in front of you. That means that YOU are responsible for creating the life that you want to live.

Similarly to the fact that the Universe can’t tell the difference between a joke and a serious statement, it also can’t reallyyyy tell the difference between whether you’re faking it till you make it or you’re 100% convinced.

If you repeat words and affirmations out loud and in your head like:

I am a beautiful superstar...

I am enough just the way I am...

I am love and love can’t help but be attracted to me...

I am a successful badass… will begin to actually feel and be those things AND you will eventually truly believe it too.

While the power of language is incredible in its abilities to help us transform our greatest dreams into our legitimate reality, I think the most important part to focus on is the day to day, minute to minute, and second to second stream of dialogue that we speak out loud and think within.

Our minds are constantly producing words, and if you aren’t consciously thinking about and assessing those words, you may not realize when the negative ones take over. We get so used to putting ourselves down, that it seems normal to think or say things like,

“I’m not THAT good at anything really”

“I haven’t accomplished much that I’m super proud of”

“I don’t look as beautiful as her”

Even though these sentiments are mildly negative, they are negative indeed!

If you can catch yourself when the negative thoughts and words come, take a moment to acknowledge them, and replace them with words of love, positivity, and kindness, your life WILL change for the better.

Be the person for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones who makes the CHOICE to speak love-centric words and call out the fear-centric ones. If you can set an example by using your language for good and gently guide the people in your life when you notice their negative tendencies, then we will be one step closer to making the world a more peaceful place.

When my friends joke about looking ugly, I let them know that they’re gorgeous. When they say that they’re never going to be employed, I tell them that they’re wrong and need to tell the Universe that they ARE worthy of an incredible career. When someone calls themselves trash, I look them in the eye and say that they are an incredible human.

Please, step up for yourself and step up for those around you! Don't be complacent in your set ways of fear, negativity, and settling. Shine your light as far as you can, unapologetically, and use your beautiful words and voice for good.

Be grateful that you HAVE a voice, and use it wisely.

You are love, I am love, and if you don’t quite believe me yet, then fake it till you make it and let me know when your life starts to change.

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