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The Top 5 Intuitive Eating Mistakes You're Probably Making

When it comes to intuitive eating, I hear tons of questions and misconceptions from people who are excited (yet confused) about this idea of having total food freedom.

Will I gain weight?

When should I eat?

Will I lose weight?

How does it *actually* work?

Will I feel out of control?

All of these questions can leave people feeling like they don’t know where to start once they’re finally ready to ditch the diets and rules and hop aboard the food freedom train.

Unfortunately, many people try the whole intuitive eating thing and don’t see the results they’re expecting, leaving them feeling skeptical and retreating back to diet land.

Perhaps that’s you.

Maybe you’ve tried diets, and you know that those never work.

Maybe you’ve tried to quit restricting cold turkey, only to binge and feel stuck in a new cyclical trap.

Maybe you’ve tried intuitive eating, but it didn’t feel like you had total food freedom, confidence, and peace.

The reason why so many people feel like intuitive eating isn’t working for them is because of these 5 crucial mistakes that will absolutely get in the way of ultimate peace, relief, and freedom with food. Are you making these mistakes?

Read below to understand the top 5 intuitive eating mistakes and how you can avoid them on your food freedom journey.

  1. You’re still stuck in the “all or nothing” mindset. Many people believe that if you care about being healthy, then you probably restrict, count, measure, work out a lot, and never eat dessert. On the other side, the idea is that you probably don’t care about your health, never work out, and only eat sweets and fried food without any concern for your body or health. Neither of these extremes is necessary when it comes to living your best and healthiest life! There is indeed a middle ground, and that’s the goal destination when eating with love and intuition. When you eat intuitively, you can still enjoy movement and veggies! But, you can also enjoy cookies and rest days without any guilt.

  2. You haven’t yet activated your INTUITION. This is my biggest pet peeve in the intuitive eating space and it’s why I teach my clients to eat and live with love & INTUITION by combining the science with the spirituality. Your intuition is NOT just telling you to eat what you’re craving and stop when you’re full - that is only one tiny sliver of the information that your intuition can provide for you! Your intuition is a part of your soul & your spirit. It’s so much deeper than the food, and so learning how to activate & listen to this part of you will help you with eating, moving, working...and LIVING.

  3. You’re ignoring your body. The human body doesn’t want to eat sugar and fried foods 24/7 - it actually LIKES whole foods and movement. So even if you’re craving chocolate on the inside, that doesn’t mean that the only message your body is giving you is: CHOCOLATE! In fact, it could be trying to communicate with you about your stress and hormones along with the flavors that you’re craving in that moment. When eating with love & intuition, you won’t feel out of control or like you’re losing all of your fitness/health progress. The opposite is true — your health & wellness will skyrocket and you’ll feel more *calmly in control* than ever before.

  4. You’re focusing on the wrong things. Instead of focusing on weight, measurements, minutes, calories, etc, eating with love and intuition is about focusing on how you genuinely feel. That’s why this process is incredibly helpful in getting to know yourself and your body on a deep level. Your intention matters - energy will flow where your attention goes! If you focus on what you don’t have or don’t want, then you will see and attract more of that. The opposite is true - when you focus on what you do already have (strength, gratitude, health) more of that will blossom.

  5. You haven’t learned how to work with control. There’s this tricky paradox that I teach all of my clients about - being in control vs under control. When you learn how to surrender and release control, it doesn’t mean that you completely let everything go and give up on your goals. Instead, it’s about releasing that which you can’t or don’t need to control and instead trusting the power - your highest self, the universe, your body - that you are delegating the control to. When you learn how to work WITH the energy of control, everything will feel much more at ease and peacefully under control.

If you’re making any of these 5 mistakes, don’t worry! You’re not alone. This is a practice, and one that takes guidance! That’s why I’m always here for you on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and over the phone - book a complimentary 30 minute Intuitive Eating Session with me now to learn how to find food freedom in the best way for YOU! It’s time to ditch the diets and these common mistakes so that you can experience the full food freedom that you deserve.



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