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How to Stop Feeling Ashamed of Your Nightly Dessert

It’s 9:16 pm. You finished dinner about an hour ago, and the sugar cravings are REAL. You know that your favorite chocolate fudge brownie ice cream is waiting for you in the freezer...YUM!

You creep into the kitchen on tiptoes, hoping that the other people in your house don’t hear you and wonder what you’re doing in the kitchen. You get a spoon out slowly, cringing when it clinks against its other utensil mates. Quickly making your way to the freezer, you take out the ice cream and stare at it for a few moments.

Should I do this?

Is it worth it?

This is so fattening.

Ugh but I WANT IT.

I feel like if I start I won’t be able to stop.

I ate so well today, I don’t want to mess it all up.

But I also already had a piece of chocolate after lunch so maybe I’m satisfied.

Or maybe that chocolate already messed me up so I may as well just eat this ice cream too.

You open the lid and scoop a spoonful into your mouth. YUM! You eat a few more bites in the light of the freezer door, wondering if you should get a bowl. The guilt of what you’re doing already starts to creep in…it tells you not to get a bowl. That would make it a “legit” dessert.

This isn’t even a real dessert.

I’m just having a coupleeee spoonfuls.

But it tastes so freaking good.

And I’m definitely not allowed to have any tomorrow since I’m having it now.

So I better take advantage of this NOW.

You find yourself halfway deep into the pint, freezer door begging to be closed to keep its other inhabitants cool.

You eventually put the ice cream away, feeling slightly defeated and confused, partially satisfied, and extremely guilty and ashamed.

This, my friend, is a story that does NOT have to be true for you anymore.

So, you want to learn how to stop feeling ashamed and guilty after eating dessert? Keep reading!

The first thing we have to address here is shame

Shame is something that we feel when we’re told that our actions or behaviors are somehow bad or wrong. So, sometime in your life, you were told that eating dessert wasn’t such a good idea.

Maybe it was your mom when you were a 5-year-old who always begged for dessert before dinner. Maybe it was your elementary school science teacher who taught you about health and fruits and vegetables. Maybe it was your high school classmate who was doing a juice cleanse because her mom taught her that carbs are the devil.

Maybe you’re still hearing messages about this today.

The truth of the matter is that sugar isn’t necessarily nourishing for our cells. It doesn’t have vitamins and minerals like your kale salad or veggie scramble does.

And that is ok.

What dessert DOES have that your kale or veggies might not is the ability to make you feel really good. Now, I don’t know about you, but a great chocolate chip cookie makes me feel warm and fuzzy and cozy and excited, and my heart often bursts with joy.

Kale?...Doesn’t really do that for me ;)

Because my definition of health and wellness includes feeling happy, free, and love, and dessert often empowers me to feel those things, then by the transitive property, dessert is included in my personal definition of health! Thank goodness!

When you recognize that dessert can (and should) be a part of your wellness routine, the shame around eating it starts to melt away. If someone told you that you should stop exercising, even though it makes you feel strong and energized and healthy, would you listen to them? Probably not! Similarly, if someone sees you eating dessert and tells you to stop (or better yet, if that mean girl voice in your own head tells you something similar), you probably shouldn’t listen to them either.

Now, once the shame in enjoying dessert is gone, the whole eating experience becomes a lot easier.

No shame or embarrassment means you can freely and confidently enjoy! No shame or embarrassment means you can eat without doubt or self-criticism! No shame or embarrassment means you can finish your dessert without feeling guilty!

Would you ever feel guilty after doing your skincare routine, meditating, or going for an afternoon walk? Hopefully not ;) Dessert can and should be a part of your wellness routine too, as long as it empowers you to feel amazing and be your best self!

So, try it out today! Eat that brownie knowing that you are nourishing the JOY and love within you. Eat that cake knowing that you are feeding your inner child. Eat that candy knowing that you have the power to be healthy in a way that works best for you.

Tag me in your dessert picture - I’d love to see them! You might even like to try some of my recipes - Raw Vegan Chocolate Tarts, Double Chocolate Banana Bread, Vegan Milkshakes, Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes, No-Bake Almond Butter Bark.


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