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Stop Doing This One Thing And Watch Your Body Confidence Skyrocket

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So you want to boost your body confidence? I get it. I’ve been there!

I used to be just like you - hyper focused on everything that was wrong with my body, extremely worried that I would gain uncontrollable amounts of weight, wishing I looked like someone else.

Not only was it an uncomfortable and exhausting place to be in, but it was also super frustrating. WHY couldn’t I just be positive? WHY couldn’t I just love myself? WHY couldn’t I just put on an outfit without second guessing how I looked in it?

While releasing self judgment and frustration with myself was huge in my body confidence journey, it was really something else that empowered me to step up and step into solid, loving confidence.

That one thing?

Not trying to be anybody else.

When we idolize someone else’s body or life, a few things happen.

First, you’re creating separation between you and them. When you compare, you’re intentionally looking to find differences between things and create labels and categories. This distinction creates feelings of being different, wrong, less than, an outsider, etc. In reality though, we are all connected and cut from the same cloth! Yes, we all have our differences and we are all unique, but if someone has something that you desire, it’s simply proof that you can have it too, and there is always more than enough to go around! 

Next, you’re giving away your power to something outside of yourself. When you compare, the act usually comes with fixation and obsession. This can deplete your energy and take away the attention that you should be directing towards yourself! Focusing on others and the perceived lack you’re feeling means that you’re not focusing on yourself and the abundance that is actually all around you. When you take your power back and get grounded in yourself, you’ll be directing more attention, energy, and love to yourself.

Lastly, you’re devaluing your own awesomeness. Claiming that you wish you were someone else or looked like someone else is like telling your body that it’s not worthy of existing. The chance of YOU being born is something crazy like one in 400 are meant to be here! You will never be anyone else, so instead of wasting your time wishing that was the case, spend that time getting to know, honor, and love yourself - you’ll be you for this lifetime.

Releasing comparison and the need to be someone else is a huge step in elevating your body confidence and self love. This healing likely won’t happen overnight, but you can begin to take conscious steps towards taking your power back now!

For step by step guidance on how to do this and start to love your reflection again, join my free 3 day challenge: Love the Mirror! I’ll be teaching you how to release judgment and insecurities so that you can look in the mirror with confidence again. Register for free here, and I’ll see you on Instagram!

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