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6 Things You Need For The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

It’s the new year, and YOU deserve a spa day.

I’m serious! Whether you spend your days at work, busy studying at school, with kiddos to take care of, or running your own business, it’s time for you to chill and take a break.

Now, I’m personally not the best at this! I’ll admit it!

I like being on the go. I like having full days. You’ll rarely find me watching TV on the couch...but I’m ALWAYS down for a good spa day.

If we’re being real, I’m not a the point in my life where I can take a full day to go to a luxury spa #manifesting BUT I don’t even need to leave my house to have the ultimate spa experience.

With just 6 of my favorite items, you can transform your bathroom into a super gorgeous and extra special spa experience.

1. &Sunny Calming Bath Fizz - This is a beautiful blend of epsom salts, therapeutic grade essential oils, and broad-spectrum hemp oil. The epsom salts are amazing for relaxing your muscles and nourishing your skin. The aromatherapy component is super calming and will help you feel revived. The hemp oil is a premium form of CBD that has been shown to aid in overall wellness and stress reduction.

2. Oil Diffuser - I have my essential oil diffuser running pretty much 24/7! Each oil has different benefits and smells so you can pick and choose what you’re in the mood for. I love lavender for when I sleep and grapefruit for when I need some energy.

3. &Sunny Intense Moisturizing Crème - Oh, baby! Will your body thank you for this one! Formulated with nourishing shea butter and coconut oil, it’s the perfect blend to leave your skin feeling silky smooth after that bath. The CBD combined with a blend of essential oils - like tea tree and sweet orange - is the perfect recipe for a calmer and more relaxed YOU! You’re going to want to pull this crème out on a regular basis after your epic spa day.

4. Herbal Tea - A cup of tea has become one of my favorite daily routines. Herbal (non-caffeinated) teas boast tons of benefits, and there’s a blend for every one of your needs! My current faves are peppermint, ginger, and dandelion.

5. &Sunny Lip Sugar Scrub - I can’t get enough of this! I’m constantly putting lip balm on my lips to keep them hydrated, but sometimes you just need a good exfoliating! This blend features oils and vitamin E to lock in hydration, along with cooling essential oils and calming CBD. This is now a part of my weekly routine, and I know you’ll feel the same.

6. Dry Brush - After trying this lymphatic drainage tool, you’re going to want to use this daily (I do)! Before or after your bath/shower, use this brush to create swift and short motions up every limb towards your heart. It may feel a bit abrasive when you start, but after you get used to the exfoliating sensation, you’ll feel super energized and your skin will thank you too. This is a great practice to maintain daily, as it helps support the detoxification process in the lymphatic system.

This blog post is sponsored by &Sunny, and I’m so honored to bring such an amazing company to you! All of their products are created for women by women with natural and organic ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils and recyclable and reusable packaging. You’ll never find synthetic ingredients, parabens, chemicals, fillers or animal testing.

You deserve a monthly spa day, which is why I love their subscription boxes! You’ll receive an assortment of lightly infused CBD products to support your R&R time.

For more info, visit

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