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5 Key Steps to Start Manifesting TODAY

Law of attraction...crystals...angel numbers...OH MY!

We’re talking about manifestation babyyyyy, and I am feeling oh-so HIGH VIBE right now! I’m sitting in my office (i.e. my backyard, poolside) sipping a CBD turmeric tonic wearing a flowy white dress and a clear quartz crystal necklace. I have manifested the career of my dreams, and it is literally (I graduated 2 months ago!) just the beginning ;)

SO...what the heck is manifestation anyway?!?

Manifestation is the process of ideas, thoughts, and visions becoming realized in the material world. Essentially, when you put out the energy that you are striving for, that energy will come back to you in the perfect way in reality.

You can manifest anything and everything that you want which is SOOOO COOL, but obviously not everyone is magically winning sports cars and the lottery and dream vacation homes. So, what’s the deal?

Manifestation does not work when there are fears and blocks in the way.

This probably won’t surprise you, but MOST PEOPLE are standing in their own way of manifesting the life of their dreams because they give so much power to their fears.

When you can move through (not necessary past) the blocks and fears and live from a heart-centered place of love and fun, actual magic will happen in your life...and often.

Now, it may seem silly to believe in this “magic” and these “vibes” that I’m talking about. I get it! If you haven’t experiences manifestation for yourself, then it’s kinda hard to believe in it. That’s ok! For now, you can borrow my confidence and trust in this process and read on for the 5 steps that you can take TODAY so that you can start manifesting right now. Once you have some evidence for yourself, I know you’ll want to hop on this manifestation journey with me!

  1. Act as though what you want has already happened. This may seem counter intuitive, but stick with me here, because this is one of the most important principles of manifesting your dreams. When you pretend that what you want has already happened, you will feel relaxed, happy, confident, and trusting that things are working out in your favor. As you go through your day with this mindset, you are vibrating at an energy that exudes relaxation, happiness, confidence, and trust. Based on the law of attraction, that same energy is bound to come to you in the form of your desires. For example, if you want to manifest a romantic partner, visualize how you would feel holding their hand - does it make you feel warm and fuzzy, loved, and supported? Great! Now, throughout your day, find ways to make yourself feel warm and fuzzy, loved, and supported. When you act as if you already have what you need, the Universe has an easier time bringing to you the exact thing that you desire.

  2. Focus on the FEELINGS. As mentioned above, it’s all about the feelings and less about the actual specific thing that you want. For example, let’s say you’re looking for an apartment, and the one that you want didn’t end up working out. Instead of focusing on THAT particular apartment, envision yourself feeling independent, comfortable, proud of your space, and excited about moving. Now, I can almost guarantee you that with this manifestation practice, the perfect new space will find its way to you, and the unit will probably be even better than the original one you had your eyes on.

  3. Release the “how”. The “how” is for the Universe to figure out. Your job is to put the energy and the intention out there, focus on the feelings, and TRUST + LET GO! Trust that it is already in the works. Trust that everything is working in your favor. If you worry about how you’re going to make $100k instead of what that financial goal will mean to you (less financial stress, ability to take vacations, pride in your accomplishments), then you’re being controlling and blocking the flow. When you are focused on the feelings and open to opportunities, new doors will open for you, and all of the sudden you’ll be on a path with a completely different “how” than you expected, but it will take you to the same end goal.

  4. Use affirmations. Language is EVERYTHING >>> blog post all about this here! The words that you think, speak, and write dictate your reality. When manifesting and acting as though you already have what you want, you may repeat mantras like “I have…” or “I am so grateful for…” or “thank you for…”. And the key here is to say these things in the present, even if they haven’t actually come to fruition yet! By speaking, writing, or thinking the words, you are actively attracting those desires into your material world.

  5. Take actionable steps towards your goals. I recommend you work on manifesting smaller things that are achievable every day (a free coffee, a new client, $10) as well as big things (a $1M business, a Malibu beach home, a new puppy). The small things are important because you’ll be achieving goals and celebrating yourself every day. No matter how small the step is, a step forward equals progress! It can be challenging to not experience progress on a daily or weekly basis, and you may get discouraged from aiming for your big dream. Instead, set goals and achieve small wins OFTEN so that you can keep practicing your manifestation skills and create your dream life one step at a time.

Part of manifesting is knowing that you are worthy of having all that you desire. I’d love for you to grab my FREE 22 Self Love Affirmations here to work on elevating your self worth and confidence daily so that you can fully own the beautiful soul that you are!

See you on the gram!





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