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060: How to Manifest Through Embodiment and Detachment with Kat Cozadd

Kat is a manifestation & money mindset expert who helps women manifest their happiest, healthiest & wealthiest lives. 

There are so many misconceptions about manifestation as well as limiting beliefs about money - we’re here to break through all of those! Because of these misconceptions, people often either fail to get the things and scenarios they manifest or they get something close to it but are unable to sustain it. That’s why it’s important to be more intentional about the way you manifest by understanding the emotions and the energies that work in the manifestation process!

Kat has become the perfect guide for her clients simply because she’s been there. She was at rock bottom with $70K in debt, working 60+ hours a week at a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck, and so feeling lost. She was at a point when she thought it was hopeless.

But she was able to manifest a life of complete freedom and is now on a mission to empower other women to do the same in their lives!

In this episode, Kat talks about how to welcome abundance into your life with less resistance and be more intentional about the things you manifest and how you manifest them. She talks about how to manifest through embodiment and detachment, ultimately empowering you to be the person you want to be.

Everything that your subconscious mind holds onto becomes a part of your energy, and therefore you manifest it into your life.  - Kat Cozadd

In this episode, Kat and Sloane talk about:

  • Knowing the difference between the things you actually desire vs the things you think you desire

  • Materialism and the role it plays in manifestation

  • How to address and release unmet emotional needs to manifest the right things

  • The difference between manifesting and intentional manifestation

  • How to align with the frequency that you’re manifesting

  • The importance of knowing how you want to show up once your desires are manifested versus merely thinking about getting the thing you want

  • How to naturally become an energetic match to the things you’re manifesting

  • …and more!

Resources Mentioned:

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