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057: Life Updates! Sugar Cravings Masterclass, Relaxing Out of the Hustle, and Manifesting Apartments

Tune into this episode as Sloane shares life updates, her journey out of the hustle, insights from her upcoming masterclass on sugar cravings, and tales of manifestations that require a deep level of trust.

There's an allure in the grind, the constant hustle that pushes us to our limits. Many of us have embraced this "work ethic of a machine", thinking it's our masculine energy driving us forward. But sometimes, what we see as dedication can be a sign to pause, listen to our intuition, and embrace our feminine energy that whispers: rest.

The art of slowing down, of relaxing out of the hustle, can seem counterintuitive. It's as if you're challenging the norm, navigating the balance between the desire to achieve and the equally important need to rejuvenate. But in Sloane's journey, she's come to appreciate that both energies have their place.

Amidst these revelations, Sloane is introducing a Sugar Cravings Masterclass - a deep dive into understanding our body's signals and the psychology behind our cravings. 

But what does trusting one's intuition and understanding sugar cravings have in common? It's all about listening, understanding, and making aligned, intuitive choices, even when life doesn't seem to align with our plans.

When you heal your relationship with food on the subconscious level as well as on the physical level, you actually don't have cravings anymore.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The nuances of masculine and feminine energy and their roles irrespective of gender

  • A sneak peek into the transformative Sugar Cravings Masterclass and the intricate psychology behind our sweet temptations

  • The importance of subconscious healing, contrasting it with logical healing, and why both are essential for holistic well-being

  • The unique aspects of her recent apartment manifestation journey, contrasting it with past apartment manifestations

  • A touching story of saying 'Yes' to an apartment, embodying the essence of trust and surrender

  • The deeper introspection: Can one still maintain unwavering trust in the universe, especially when things don't pan out as expected?

  • …and more!


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