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054: How to Stop Feeling Anxious and Obsessive Around Food, Self-Love In Healing From Restricting + Bingeing, Feeling Worthy of Food Freedom (Mia's Success Story)

Mia used to restrict, binge, and be skeptical that eating intuitively was truly possible for her. She had so many limiting beliefs, not just about her relationship with food, but about her overall self-worth. But once she learned that binge eating and yoyo dieting usually isn’t about food, that’s when she realized one thing – she was worthy of food freedom and needed to commit to healing her relationship with food.

After joining the Food Freedom Collective, Mia’s life shifted in ways she never imagined was possible. Before the program, she was so distracted by food that she couldn’t concentrate on anything else. She felt like a burden to the people around her because they always had to ask her what she could and couldn’t eat.

Now, she loves herself enough to know that she deserves this food freedom! She’s able to intuitively choose what she wants to order the moment she walks into any restaurant, and she orders what makes her happy without any anxiety or restrictions. She now has deeper conversations with people because the intrusive thoughts about food are long gone.

More importantly, she now has space for bigger goals and a better future. Her dreams have wildly evolved, and she’s excited to live the life that she truly deserves.

Tune into this episode to learn more about Mia’s story and how she transformed her anxiety, food obsession, and self-worth issues into self-love, healing, and freedom in the Food Freedom Collective.

I need to put effort into myself so that future me can have a better life.  - Mia


In this episode, Mia talks about:

  • Her transformation in coming from a place of skepticism and denial to allowing herself to acknowledge her unhealthy relationship with food

  • Why she knew that her healing was worth the investment

  • The ups and downs involved in her healing journey

  • How the system and processes used in the Food Freedom Collective helped rewire her old beliefs about healing and food

  • The mental weight she dealt with in the past and how it affected her ability to love herself

  • How her relationships were impacted by her disordered eating 

  • The role that spirituality and intuition played in her healing journey

  • The value of personalization instead of fixed lists when it comes to healing

  • How personal “life” goals also evolve as you heal your relationship with food

  • …and more!


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