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051: How to Stop Tracking Food, Eat Intuitively, and Naturally Release Weight (Chloe's Success Story)

Chloe is a nightshift nurse and has spent the past 6 years on a rollercoaster ride with her relationship with food and her body. She worked with a fitness coach, and she started focusing on reverse dieting and body composition.

But her line of work was extremely stressful. Working at night and dealing with the pressure greatly affected the way she looked at food. She was constantly seeing food that she wanted to eat, but she also kept putting herself down each time she took a bite.

That’s when she decided to take a step back and think about whether this approach fit her needs. She was diligent with the program, but it just wasn’t working for her.

That’s when she found the Food Freedom Collective and started making amazing progress by healing her relationship with food at the subconscious root! Finally, she can enjoy food with her co-workers without beating herself up over it. She’s also able to walk away from food that she would usually grab when she’s stressed.

Chloe admits that the journey was not at all comfortable. But she also knew that staying in the misery of having an unhealthy relationship with food did not bring comfort either. So, she made the decision to choose the kind of discomfort that will take her to where she truly wants to be in the long run - healing past her comfort zone.

Tune into this episode to find out how to stop tracking food, start eating intuitively, and release unwanted weight naturally by Eating with Love and Intuition™.

The work itself is uncomfortable – but so was me being mean to myself for 6 years. I had to pick which discomfort I wanted. - Chloe

In this episode, Chloe talks about:

  • Her wins in the past few weeks as she made small and big changes to her routines since graduating from the Food Freedom Collective

  • How adding journaling to her routine allowed her to heal

  • How her food habits have changed dramatically, especially when she’s at work

  • The power of the abundance mindset when dealing with food

  • The impact of releasing the need to be in full control of everything

  • Diet culture and how it impacted her life before enrolling in the Food Freedom Collective

  • The impact of choosing what kind of discomfort you want

  • How to commit to the work needed to heal, even if it gets challenging

  • …and more!

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