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050: Fear Is a Green Light To Say Yes and Make a Move

When we feel fear, our instinct is normally to stop dead in our tracks. It causes anxiety, worry, and makes us think it’s a sign to say no to the opportunity in front of us. But sometimes, fear can also be a green light to say YES. It’s the way that we perceive fear that makes us think otherwise.

Leaving your comfort zone can indeed be scary, but that type of fear is your green light! We’re meant to leave our comfort zones and grow. Otherwise, you’ll stay in a cycle of self-sabotage and playing small. 

Remember that growth is always on the other side of fear. This is why the biggest lessons we learn usually come from the times we took a leap of faith or trusted our intuition, even if the world around us would tell us to stop and think before we jump.

Tune into this episode to find out how to tell when fear is actually a green light that tells you to go for that decision you’ve been anxious about.

When you feel fear because you are going out of your comfort zone, that’s a green flag. Anxiety and excitement are the same energy.  - Sloane  

In this episode, Sloane talks about: 

  • How fear can be a green light in making decisions 

  • How people self-sabotage and get in their own way 

  • How anxiety and excitement often have the same energy 

  • The huge impact of jumping WITH the fear and trusting your instinct 

  • How breaking through her own fears of investing in herself led to exponential growth 

  • How even the wrong decisions still lead to growth 

  • …and more! 

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