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048: The ROI On Your Healing - The energy of money, investing in yourself, and how to know if the investment will be worth it

Most of the time, the word “investing” is used to describe the exchange of tangible things like money and goods. We also think about what we get in return each time we invest something. When we invest cash, we think about how much money we get back…or we think about the financial value of a product that we get in exchange for that cash.

But what about things that are highly valuable but cannot necessarily be given a specific price tag?

The truth is, things like peace, happiness, and time can also be considered an ROI. Sometimes, they can even be more valuable than money. And if you’re the type of person who would also appreciate some financial return, peace, happiness and time can also give you more energy to earn more. 

Tune into this episode to understand why it’s important to invest in yourself and in the things you value to become truly abundant in all areas of your life.

When you invest in yourself, you are proving to yourself and to the universe that you are abundant. You become an energetic match for more abundance.  - Sloane

In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • How ROI is usually computed to determine if something is worth the investment

  • The value of investments where you don’t get money as the ROI

  • How energetic exchanges works 

  • Financial abundance vs abundance in time, health, and energy

  • The importance of knowing what you value

  • Why it’s critical to invest in the right things now instead of later

  • How the universe sees you when you start intentionally investing in yourself

  • …and more!

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