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046: 5 Tips to Master Mindful Eating on Trips and Vacations: Embrace Food Freedom and Leave Overeating Behind!

Are you tired of overeating and overindulging on vacation, only to “get back on track” and begin the cycle all over again when you get home?

If the idea of mindfully eating (on vacation or in daily life) without the burden of overeating intrigues you, then these 5 healing tips are exactly what you need!

In this episode, I’m teaching you the intuitive eating techniques that will transform the way you approach eating meals out and leave you feeling fully satisfied without the guilt of overeating. Discover the 5 keys to avoid overeating and make your trips and vacations truly unforgettable.

Say goodbye to overeating and hello to food freedom! Bon appétit and let the delicious, mindful eating begin!

Just because I love food and just because I enjoy food does not mean that I am going to overeat and, in fact, I don't overeat at all. - Sloane

In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The misconceptions most people have about eating and “indulging” during trips and vacations

  • Why it's common to overeat when you're on a trip or vacation

  • When it is okay to overeat...and should you?

  • What intentional overeating means and looks like

  • Why you shouldn't put a timeline on your food freedom

  • How the abundance mindset can help put a stop to overeating

  • …and more!

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