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044: High Functioning Anxiety and How to Calm Down As An Ambitious Woman with Therapist Nadia Fiorita

Do you show up like you have everything put together, but you secretly feel anxious, are hard on yourself, and feel stressed out on the inside? You may be living with high-functioning anxiety!


Nadia is a licensed therapist and has been helping women who live with high-functioning anxiety for over a decade. Having gone through some traumas herself and experienced anxiety and depression in the past, she has also chosen to incorporate some holistic methods into the traditional clinical approach of dealing with anxiety.

Working with women who struggle day to day with their anxiety has shown Nadia a deeper understanding that this is not just about ticking off a list of symptoms or looking at the official diagnosis. It’s also nervous system regulation and learning how to be an ambitious woman who *also* has love, compassion, and gentleness for herself. 

High-functioning anxiety is also often rooted in deeper subconscious issues like a lack of self-worth. That’s why Nadia advocates for holistic mental and emotional wellness so that women can continue to thrive while also taking the time to care for their overall well-being.

Tune in to this episode to find out more about what high-functioning anxiety looks like, how to deal with it, and how to calm down - even if you’re a highly ambitious woman.

Self-awareness is not just a tip. It’s also a practice that we have to do consistently because we’re always changing. Our lives are always changing. It’s a journey.  - Nadia Fiorita


In this episode, Nadia and Sloane talk about:

  • What high functioning anxiety means and what it looks like

  • When it’s time to start seeking professional help

  • The value of looking at someone as a human being instead of just looking at a diagnosis

  • The difference between coaching and therapy

  • How therapy could help in getting clarity on different aspects of life, even without being diagnosed with a condition

  • The importance of self-awareness in reaching your goals

  • How to deal with overthinking

  • The impact that self-worth has in learning how to trust oneself and knowing yourself fully

  • The pros and cons of being ambitious and how to balance it all out

  • The role that nutrition has in mental wellness

  • Tips for regulating the nervous system

  • …and more!


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