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029: How Obsession with Weight Loss Turned Into Conscious Intuitive Eating and Body Love (Mirella's Success Story)

Like many others, Mirella was trapped in a cycle of dieting until she realized that her relationship with food and her body needed to change. With a shift towards intuitive eating and a focus on self-care, Mirella found a newfound love and appreciation for her body. Through mindfulness and Eating with Love & Intuition, Mirella learned to listen to her body's needs and nurture it with nourishing food. She now embraces her body and recognizes its inherent value beyond its appearance. Tune in to her story and be reminded that true health and happiness come from listening to our bodies and treating ourselves with compassion and kindness.

FFC is a lifetime journey, but we have the tools to help us through the journey, and that's the most important thing.  - Mirella


In this episode, Mirella talks about:

  • The result of venturing into the journey of intuitive eating by herself

  • How her obsession with weight loss shifted after joining the Food Freedom Collective

  • What she meant by “diet mentality” and how that kept her farther from her body confidence goals

  • How healing her subconscious beliefs first led her to the most incredible thing that ever happened to her

  • How eating intuitively resonated with her on a spiritual level - from divine intervention to manifestation

  • Why everything is all about lightness as an energy and not just about what the scale says

  • How to feel and see lightness today, every day, and all around you

  • What made Food Freedom Collective the one thing that worked for her

  • Listen to Mirella's advice for those who are still testing the waters and experiencing the same fears and struggles she used to have


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