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027: How I Intuitively Figured Out My Food Intolerances Without a Test or a Doctor

In this episode, Sloane talks about the power of intuition and how her healed relationship with food put an end to her acne breakouts. 

Just start questioning things that you do automatically that perhaps were never your truths, to begin with.  - Sloane


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The process of discovering your food sensitivity and intolerances

  • An example of an event when Sloane listened to her intuition and realized how by not listening to it, quickly got her wrapped up in other people’s truths

  • Learn about the elimination diet and how it works

  • Why medical professionals are encouraged to have nutrition training

  • Sloanes top 3 food intolerances

  • The intuitive download: what it is and how to channel it in

  • How long food intolerance lasts

  • What taking a short break can do to one’s mental and physical well-being

  • Why quick fixes are never the ideal solution


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