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022: 4 Ways the Subconscious Mind Controls the Way You Eat and Behave

In this episode, Sloane delves into the subconscious mind and explains how it is capable of controlling our behaviors - not only around food, but also the way we act, feel, and behave day to day.

If you have a subconscious thought that you're not healthy, that will negatively impact your health on a physiological level. - Sloane


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The part of the brain that's responsible for automatic thinking and why it’s so helpful when used properly

  • The 4 ways the subconscious mind impacts our reality

  • How the subconscious mind can lead us to self-sabotage

  • The power to change your physiology just with your thoughts

  • How the law of attraction can work in favor of the outcome we want to project


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