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021: How To Transition From Counting Macros To Eating With Love and Intuition (Kristelle's Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane’s client Kristelle shares how she freed herself from fear of food and obsessive macro counting so she could experience true food freedom!

Celebrate your wins. I think that's so important because I feel like we're always so hard on ourselves. - Kristelle


In this episode, Kristelle talks about:

  • The importance of processing your emotions and understanding your binge eating triggers

  • Eating whatever you want, whenever you want versus eating according to what feels holistically aligned

  • How to free yourself from the “fall off track” mentality

  • How to enjoy social events without worrying about food

  • The ROI of investing in yourself and your health

  • Why you shouldn’t allow others to dictate what you eat


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