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019: Healing Generational Trauma + Binge Eating For Moms (Jessica’s Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane is joined by Jessica, one of her students in the Food Freedom Collective, to talk about how healing her relationship with food paved the way to freeing herself from generational trauma.

I no longer wake up constantly thinking about food or surrounding my day around food. I don't feel guilt anymore, and I feel free. - Jessica


In this episode, Jessica talks about:

  • How she has made massive progress in her food freedom healing just 6 months after she started the Food Freedom Collective

  • What led her to understanding the root of her binge eating and why people binge

  • What it’s like growing up with an anorexic mother who expected her to follow the same path

  • How she dealt with the guilt of not wanting to be in her mother’s shadow

  • A healing journey versus a diet journey

  • What made the Food Freedom Collective different yet more effective than other programs she's tried in the past

  • How healing her relationship with food ended up healing other areas of her life that are not related to food

  • What Jessica would recommend to other women who have struggled with dieting and binge eating


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