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010: Why Food Guilt Happens And How To Prevent It From Ruining Your Holidays

Mind over matter, we hear that quite often but do we realize the depth of that 3-word phrase? It means the human brain is so powerful that it is capable of controlling even our emotions, our actions, and our outcome. If that is the case, then all we need to do is to leverage the mind over matter adage and use it into something more beneficial for us. In this episode, Sloane talks about guilt in general, where it comes from, and what triggers it. She also focuses on food guilt and how to manage it so that the coming holidays will be one that is joyous and merry instead of a guilt-laden celebration just because food is abundant during this season. 

Your perception dictates your reality.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane shares:

  • Why food guilt is only in the mind, a perception thing

  • The decisions you’re most likely to make when you are sad and guilty

  • The culprit to feelings of guilt is not “who” but “what” and what you can do to move forward

  • Why there's no such thing as "junk" food

  • Why using labels tied to morality doesn't help with the guilt and the terms you should use, instead

  • Why forcing yourself to eat the nutrients is NOT healthy

  • The foundation of where we go with the guilt-eating during holidays

  • Why perception is key when it comes to deep healing

  • The difference between expectations based on feelings versus those based on a specific scenario

  • The reason why you shouldn't feel guilty about overeating

  • How to release guilt around food experiences

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