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008: What Is Your Intuition + How to Use It

If all of us have intuition, then why aren’t we all using it? Welcome to another episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show. Today, Sloane explains what exactly this thing called “intuition” is and why you need to pay attention to it. She also shares an exciting anecdote on how she and her clients get to exercise their intuitions during their retreat. Learn how you, too, can apply the techniques on how to start using your intuition to eat and live intuitively, and how doing so can impact your life and your relationships not just with food but with everyone around you. 

Your intuition is a literal gift that you are born with. It is one of our most incredible assets and most people don't know how to use it. - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane shares:

  • The fun activities and magical realizations that took place during the Miami Magical Retreat

  • What makes her different from other intuitive eating coaches

  • Why most people don’t use their intuition

  • What makes intuition "soul-specific" and personalized for you

  • What gut feelings are and how they are related to intuition

  • That moment when you experienced using your intuition whether you knew it or not

  • How your intuition is similar to your muscles

  • How to stop your food cravings through intuitive eating

  • How to start using your intuition when making decisions that involve food

  • How to align logic with intuition


Resource Mentioned: 

  • Grab the Early Bird Discount for the Next Miami Magic Retreat by sending a DM to @sloaneelizabeth on Instagram

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