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007: Failure Is a Detour in the Direction of Success

The universe wants you to be successful. But to claim that success, you have to cultivate the right mindset, perceive your situation with clear sight, and be open to the voice telling you that maybe, just maybe, the road you’re currently on is really not the road for you to take…yet. Welcome to another episode of The Sloane Elizabeth show where you’ll learn how to recognize true success, realize why failure is subjective, and understand the importance of looking at everything, neutrally. 

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Limitless Love Academy sold zero spots. Because if it had sold even one spot, I probably would have run with it and really tried to push, push, push when it was never meant to be.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane shares:

  • What toxic positivity is and why we need to always look at things neutrally

  • Why perception matters when it comes to labeling things as failure or success

  • A fresh way to define success versus failure

  • Big but important questions we all need to ask

  • The difference between chasing success versus attracting success

  • The winding journey of Limitless Love Academy and how it finally came into fruition

  • How journaling helps lay down the path to success


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