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004: Exactly How I Manifested Moving to Miami...TWICE!

Have you ever wanted something so badly - and KNEW it was meant for you - but you didn’t have the slightest idea *how* to bring it into reality? Welcome to another episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show where you will find the answer to making your dreams come to life through the power of manifestation. Today, Sloane Elizabeth shares how she manifested her Miami Beach dream apartment, twice, and had both apartments wrapped around her fingers as if they were made for her taking. Learn the steps of skillful and effective manifestation and start realizing all those long-kept desires and dreams you thought you never deserved to dream about.

More than just the aesthetics of what you want, it's about the vibe and how you're gonna feel when you're in that apartment. - Sloane Elizabeth

In this episode, Sloane Elizabeth talks about:

  • Turning unfavorable situations into the fortunate turn of circumstances

  • The step-by-step process she took to manifest her dream apartments

  • What “divine intervention” is about and the role it plays in your manifestations

  • Why being specific about what you want and the vibe you want to feel are essential steps in manifestation

  • The key part of manifesting

  • The importance of scripting and what you should be writing in your script

  • How quantum leaps can happen while the universe lays out the foundation for making your dreams come true

  • The lessons to be learned from manifesting your dreams

  • Why it pays to be unapologetic about what you want

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